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Mother and Child Education Program


What is the mother and child education program?

It is one of the effective preventive parenting programs, based on studies and research, and it provides mothers and the family in general with the skills necessary to raise their children. It also improves the level of family relations and reduces the level of violence within the family, which provides the child with a safe life in a supportive family environment.

What are the program objectives?
1. Educating the family on methods of dealing and positive interaction with its children.
2. To maximize the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of the mother and child.
3. Providing the mother with the skill of communicating with the child.
4. Empowering women at the personal, family and social levels.

When is the program offered?

The program is offered during the academic year.

What is the target group of the program?

Mothers, fathers or caregivers who have children between the ages of three and nine, and the program is applied to children between the ages of four and five by their mothers.

How do mothers train their children at the age of four and five years?

After the trainer presents the group of mothers with the specific topic each week, the mothers who have children aged four and five years remain in the session for a certain period, so that the trainer trains them on skills and concepts in a specific way for the mother to apply at home. It is called cognitive training.

What does cognitive training include?

It consists of 25 booklets and 8 stories that contain skills and concepts and range from easy to difficult and suit the capabilities of the children after the mother trains it in the session, then the children apply it at home with their mother or caregiver according to a specific organization that qualifies the child upon completion of the program that qualifies them to enter the school.

How do I get cognitive training?

The Association provides all the tools that assist in the application of cognitive training and all the tools to assist in the implementation when you enroll in the program for free

They are: 25 cognitive training manuals provided to the mother on a weekly basis. 8 stories according to each cognitive training. Transparent colored geometric shapes. Bring scissors, pencil, paint, glue, eraser, sharpener.

Is it possible to join the program for those outside the city of Riyadh?

The program is offered in all regions of the Kingdom in person, and in the event that the program is not available in the city

Or the governorate in which the trainee resides, so he can join the training remotely.

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